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JCC partners with UNCTAD at 7th World Investment Forum

At the UNCTAD 7th World Investment Forum on October 19, 2021 JCC in partnership with UNCTAD held a webinar on Talking Business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The webinar moderated by Chantal Dupasquier, Chief, Investment Policy Review Section, Division on Investment and Enterprise (DIAE), UNCTAD featured opening remarks on trade and FDI in the region by Dorit Sallis, Managing Director, Joint Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Caucasus (JCC). This was followed by presentations by Swiss companies from the JCC member network: In the logistics sector Nikolaus Kohler, Regional Managing Director Middle East / Central Asia, Member of the Militzer & Münch Group Management, M&M Militzer & Münch AG; Henrik Eklund, Vice President Middle East, Africa & Eastern Europe, Services Division, Vice-President Region Europe Services Division, Burckhardt Compression, a global leader in the manufacturing of gas compressors. Igor Almazov, Key Account Manager, Hitachi Energy Switzerland showcased innovative products and services in the energy sector offered by Hitachi Energy.

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