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JCC signs MoU with AZPROMO...

On May 26, 2014, the 6th Session of the Joint Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation between Switzerland and Azerbaijan took place at Hotel Bellevue Palace, Bern. HE Mr. Shahin  Mustafayev, Minister of  Economy and Industry of Azerbaijan headed a delegation of 20 deputy ministers from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Finance, Tax, Water, Maritime Administration and Tourism. The Vice Governor of the Central Bank and President of AZPROMO and Ambassador Zeynalli, Embassy of Azerbaijan in Switzerland and his team also participated. The official delegation was accompanied by a delegation of 20 companies from Azerbaijan. The Swiss Delegation was headed by Ambassador Livia Leu; Head of Bilateral Economic Relations, SECO. The Swiss side included top representatives of Novartis, Stadler Rail and Trüb AG. JCC was present in the persons of Iurie Moraru, Vice President and Dorit Sallis, Managing Director, JCC.

Following the Mixed Commission, JCC organized a Switzerland-Azerbaijan Business Forum in cooperation with the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Switzerland to showcase priority sectors of Azerbaijan's economy, especially in the non-oil sector, where there are new opportunities for Swiss companies to explore. These sectors include transport infrastructure & social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, residential), agriculture/agriprocessing, light industry, tourism/tourism infrastructure, alternative energy/cleantech, telecommunications, pharma and steel production. AZPROMO - Azerbaijan's Export and Investment Promotion Foundation was established to support investment in these non-oil sectors of the economy.
The Switzerland-Azerbaijan Business Forum culminated with the signing of an MoU between JCC and AZPROMO. Rufat Mammadov, President, AZPROMO and Iurie Moraru, Vice President, JCC were the signatories. This MoU formalizes the productive working relationship that already exist between Azpromo and JCC, and provides the framework for a further intensification of bilateral business cooperation between Switzerland and Azerbaijan's private sectors.


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